Jumia Carding Tutorial 2022 [Latest Method]

How to do jumia carding

 Hello welcome to this trending Jumia carding Method to cashout from Jumia.

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What are jumia logs

Jumia carding

This are jumia spammed accounts with balance in them when you try to place an order you pay using balance available in jumia balance 

Note: there are many folks out there claiming to sell jumia logs please don’t fall victim, get legit spammed jumia logs here.

Follow the steps to  successfully carded products on Jumia

Step 1. Buy jumia log from here

Step 2. Visit www.jumia.com No VPN required

Step 3. Login the Jumia Account you bought from carding shop

Step 4.  Once you have logged in successfully you will automatically see available balance

Step 5.  Add item you want to buy to cart πŸ›’ please make sure you don’t exceed the available balance in the log 🀝

Step 6. Click on β€œNEXT” 

Step 7. Here you select your pick up station or delivery address 
Step 8. Click on SELECT when you’re done
Step 9. Then you click on β€œNext” Again to start Making Payment

Step 10 choose jumia pay as payment method 

Processing your Order just relax

Order confirmed successfully now wait for delivery πŸš› day πŸ˜‹

All countries were jumia operates should try out this job and start Making good money online Remember if you make good quite this game early to stay a way from feds 
If you need help comment below I will assist you
Happy carding

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